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Join Pet Club Today!

Follow these 5 easy steps to make sure you receive Pet Club offers and emails every month!

  1. Login to your rewards account
  2. Click on the account tab
  3. Under the personal information area, click on update interests
  4. Select Pet Club
  5. Hit save and enjoy Pet Club offers and emails every month!

Click here, select your store and read our current edition of Pets Unleashed!

Spend $50 in Pet save $5

Take advantage of our current Pet Club promotion designed to help you save the most on your pet needs:


Each time you spend $50 in pet products* with your rewards account in one month, you will instantly save $5. Watch the bottom of your receipt to see when you reach $50. Stop by today and save on your pet needs.

*$50 can be spent throughout the month during multiple trips. Excludes pet meds.