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Being a responsible Omnivore


I don’t advocate for or against vegetarianism. There are valid arguments on both sides that ultimately come down to your values. I do advocate for health and there are certain dietary habits related to meat that can affect your health. The way your habits affect your health can be through direct or indirect means.

Direct Effects

Plants – including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans – are the foundation of a healthy diet. When meats are included, opt for fish and poultry sources and consume other meats in moderation. Limit your consumption of processed meats like deli meats, hot dogs, and sausages. People that follow these few basic principles, in general, experience better health throughout their lifetime. Does this mean you need to eliminate all red meats and processed meats? Absolutely not. Just because more car accidents happen when it’s raining, doesn’t mean you should stop driving every time it starts to sprinkle. There are safe ways to drive in the rain. Use common sense, slow down, and ensure you do routine vehicle maintenance. Do the same with red and processed meats. Use common sense; slow down; and eat an overall healthy diet, exercise, and get routine medical checkups.

Indirect Effects

A healthier environment means improved health for everyone living in it. Buying organic and sustainably raised meats is a way to promote environmental health and, indirectly, your health and the health of future generations. As your local grocery store, we support sustainably raised meats and actively work to help provide a wide array of sustainable options at a great value. Recently, we’ve highlighted two suppliers that are doing it the right way, Smart Chicken and Applegate Farms. Keep following the blog and subscribe to the monthly email for more education and tips on other great products you can find in our stores.

As you shop, remember, what you buy is what the industry will produce and supply. For your health and the health of the planet, be informed about your choices and seek to be a responsible omnivore.